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Doctor Faces Lawsuit for Failure to Diagnose Child Appendicitis in New York

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When a child has appendicitis, immediate diagnosis and treatment is absolutely essential to prevent serious complications and even death. In many cases, the inflammation associated with appendicitis will cause a child’s appendix to rupture if left untreated. A recent case in New York illustrates what can go wrong if a child’s doctor fails to recognize the signs of appendicitis.

The aforementioned case involves a 9-year-old child who suffered an abscess caused by a burst appendix. The child, identified solely as D.Y., was brought to New York Dr. Amarjit Gill in October 2011. The child showed numerous signs of a serious medical condition, including vomiting, diarrhea and blood in the urine. After conducting an examination, Gill told the child’s mother to take him to the emergency room for immediate treatment for dehydration.

The child returned to Dr. Gill the following day, at which time he was misdiagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. Appendicitis is commonly misdiagnosed as gastroenteritis in young children, creating a risk for serious injury if the underlying condition is allowed to progress. Dr. Gill ordered a CT scan and requested a surgical consult. None of the medical professionals handling D.Y.’s case diagnosed him with appendicitis.

Several days later, doctors finally ordered a more comprehensive CT scan of the child’s abdomen. This diagnostic test showed an abscess. In some instances, like D.Y.’s case, an abscess will develop in the area surrounding the appendix. An abscess is an infection that forms a pus-filled sack intended to prevent the infection from spreading. An abscessed appendix presents a serious risk for rupture.

When a child’s appendix perforates, the toxic materials contained within the appendix spill into the surrounding abdominal area. These materials can cause serious infection and a condition called peritonitis. Peritonitis is an inflammation of the lining of the abdomen called the peritoneum.

Both appendicitis and peritonitis can be fatal. Appendicitis nearly always requires emergency surgery to remove the appendix and prevent it from bursting. Peritonitis must be treated immediately with strong antibiotics to combat potential infection which may lead to death.

For the young victim in this case, doctors initially misdiagnosed his condition and failed to order the necessary tests to diagnose appendicitis in a timely manner. D.Y.’s parents filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against these physicians for failing to order more thorough scans sooner, which allowed their son’s emergency condition to progress and become more dangerous.

In their testimony, one of the medical experts for the plaintiffs explained that Dr. Gill failed to provide an acceptable standard of care when he failed to respond to the child’s worsening condition by testing a broader area for other potential diagnoses. If a child is suffering from appendicitis, ordering and correctly interpreting diagnostic tests may spell the difference between life and death.

Failure to Diagnose Child Appendicitis Lawyers in New York

When a doctor fails to diagnose appendicitis or is delayed in diagnosing this emergency medical condition, a child may suffer a ruptured appendix or other serious harm. If your child has been the victim of appendicitis misdiagnosis in New York, our experienced pediatric malpractice attorneys can help. We zealously pursue compensation for previous and future costs associated with your child’s injuries, as well as the emotional and mental trauma caused by these experiences. Simply contact us online or call (866)-708-8617 for a free consultation.

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