Failure to Diagnose or Treat a Child

Delayed Diagnosis of Pediatric Conditions

When a doctor fails to recognize your child’s symptoms or fails to thoroughly investigate the possible conditions associated with these symptoms, the results can be devastating. An undetected illness or condition can cause serious harm to your child and in some cases, the damage is irreversible. Failure to diagnose or treat is a form of medical negligence that can adversely affect children of all ages. In fact, failure to diagnose can occur while your child is still is in the womb. After birth, the tiniest infant can become a victim. As the years progress, failure to detect a medical condition can cause harm to toddlers, preschoolers, and children at every stage of growth. If your child suffered injury as a result of a pediatrician or other healthcare professional’s failure to diagnose or treat their condition, you can pursue compensation for your child’s medical expenses, long-term care needs, and physical and emotional pain. Continue reading for a better understanding of failure to diagnose in pediatrics.

When Failure to Diagnose Happens to Children

Failure to detect or diagnose a medical condition is a serious medical mistake that may result in significant complications, if not death for a child. This type of negligence can happen at any time.

Failure to Diagnose before Birth

At the earliest stages of development, doctors may overlook signs of a medical condition in the mother that causes harm to the fetus if left untreated. For example, when a mother is suffering from an infection, it can be transferred to her child through the bloodstream or placenta, or passed to the child as it travels through the birth canal. The following are examples of instances in which failure to diagnose or treat a condition in the mother can cause harm to the infant.

  • Failure to diagnose or treat maternal infection
  • Failure to diagnose preeclampsia
  • Failure to detect gestational diabetes
  • Failure to identify abnormal delivery presentation

Wrongful birth is another form of failure to diagnose that occurs when doctors fail to identify congenital abnormalities or birth defects in a fetus during pregnancy. This can lead parents to move forward with a pregnancy they may have otherwise decided against. It can be tragic and traumatic to deliver a child with a severe disability or one who is unable to survive outside of the womb.

Failure to Diagnose a Child’s Medical Condition

Pediatric diagnostic errors can occur in a wide variety of healthcare settings, including emergency rooms, pediatric offices, and general family medicine practices. Some of the most common conditions associated with failure to diagnose in pediatrics include:

Complications of Failure to Diagnose in Pediatrics

The major issue caused by failure to diagnose is the inability to provide immediate and appropriate treatment. A child’s medical condition can progress to a much more dangerous stage, cause more serious complications, or even become life-threatening if a doctor fails to detect it. In some cases, the doctor simply fails to identify obvious signs, while in others, they may fail to consider all possible conditions associated with the symptoms. In still other cases, a misdiagnosis can lead to inappropriate treatment for another condition. Regardless of the way in which failure to diagnose occurs, the associated consequences can be seriously damaging.

Some potential complications of failure to diagnose a child include:

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  • How do I know if my child has a pediatric malpractice case?

    If your child suffered an injury, complications, or a medical condition resulting from medical negligence, you may have grounds for a pediatric malpractice or birth injury lawsuit. Learn more.

  • How can I get help to pay for my child's medical bills?

    If a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other healthcare provider failed to provide adequate care for your child and they suffered harm, you can pursue compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more. Find out about damages.

  • How long do I have to file a pediatric malpractice claim?

    The statute of limitations to file a medical malpractice lawsuit varies from state to state. The time limits may begin when your child's condition is identified, not necessarily when it occurred. Contact us for information that applies to your child's specific case.

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